About The Ron Stewart Band

The Ron StewartRon Stewart Band showcases the work of the greatest Rock guitar players of all time including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, CCR, Joe Satriani, Billy Gibbons, Steve Vai, and more.

Lead singer and iconic Rock guitarist, Ron Stewart, talent is boundless and the energy he brings to the stage is unmatched.

Stewart was well known in the Vancouver clubs backing up the likes of Dr. Hook, and playing such well known venues as the Commodore. He has jammed with Canadian icon Jeff Healy, learning his overhand techniques from Healy, and toured with the Powder Blues Band horn section. His list of mainstream bands that he played with is endless as is his passion for all forms of music from rock to country to classical instrumental.

Stewart has his own distinct style of playing, strolling minstrel-like through the crowds,ron and jackson side shot his faster-than-lightening picking bringing smiles to the faces of those enthralled by his super-charged performances as he adds a touch of the theatrical to individual songs.


Ron Stewart – Ronstewart2009@hotmail.com

or phone 250-586-3068